September 21st 2013
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About Us

The United Nations Organization (UN) was established by 51 countries (including Lebanon as a founding member) on 24 October 1945, committed to preserving peace through international cooperation and collective security. Today 192 nations – nearly every nation in the world - belong to the UN.

And every year on September 21st - International Peace Day - events and activities are performed around the world under different themes for peace. This year, The UN Information Centre in Beirut (UNIC-Beirut) in partnership with JWT, Touch and Born Interactive companies, chose to commemorate the day in Lebanon under the theme Tolerance for Peace. In a world divided by inequalities and prejudice, tolerance is the key to understanding and co-existence, and this applies greatly to Lebanon.

Therefore, UNIC-Beirut along with its partners in peace are asking you to set your differences aside and unite in the name of peace at the world’s first online demonstration.